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10-Day Tanzania Safari Tours 4.9/5  –  1,54+ Tanzania Reviews

Tanzania is the historic top destination of the African safari, a terrestrial of comprehensive savannah grasslands occupied by fascinating fauna, counting Big Cats, the Big Five (elephant, buffalo, lion, leopard and rhino) and just about all in amongst. With customized 10 Day Tanzania Safari give you an experienced safari business complete to confirmation you a superficially boundless pageant of wildlife alongside one of the most beautiful surroundings in Africa.

So how much does a 10 Day safari in Tanzania cost?  On average, a Tanzania safari costs $ 200-1500 USD per person per day.

  • Budget Tanzania safari price is: $ 200 – $350 per person per day
  • Midrange Price: is from $ 490 – $ 550USD per person per day.
  • Tanzania Luxury Safari Price is: from $ 690 – $2500 USD per person per day.

Below, we have covered costs by destinations, time of the year, accommodation, add on safaris and mode of transport. It can be a Tanzania 10 Day ( family, honeymoon, budget, lodge, wildlife, private Safari Packages).  Book our 10-Day Tanzania Safaris holidays in Tanzania are more enjoyable because they support communities & preserve nature, which gets you closer to both.

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