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Is it safe to Safari in Tanzania?

Overall, Tanzania is a safe country to visit in the world for your safari holiday. Even Tanzania people are kind and friendly. A million tourists visit Tanzania every year for their holidays.

With a stable government and strong security Tanzania welcome and regards as a peaceful state in the world. Our boundaries are well managed and strong security in which any enemy cant enter Tanzania.

Best time to visit Tanzania

The best time for a Safari in Tanzania is during the dry season where all National parks accessible, the animal viewing is huge throughout all best Tanzania Safari Park. June to October is the best time to see wildlife in natural habitats as well as climbing and trekking mount Kilimanjaro.

December and March is calving season where southern Serengeti experience the huge wildebeest giving the new babies.

March, April to May is raining season some road is not accessible due to raining. May is time to wildebeest concentration in Central Serengeti but starts moving to western corridor Grumeti river before starting to move to Northern Serengeti river mara Crossing.

Tanzania Destination to Visit

  • Safari and safety to  Tanzania Northern  Circuit Safari  in Arusha NationalPark, Tarangire, Serengeti Manyara, Kilimanjaro, and Ngorongoro,
  • Tanzania Safari and safety Southern Tanzania destination safari in Mikumi, Selous, Udzungwa, etc.

Where to stay in Tanzania for Safari

As you book a safari in Tanzania the best question to focus on is where to stay during your trip for a Tanzania safari Tour Packages.

Depending on your budget and preference you can go on a safari you want that fits your pocket. From basic budget camping accommodation to luxury Tanzania offer one of the unique places to stay after your game drive.

Tanzania Safari can be expensive or cheap but depending on your accommodation level choice where you want to go and when.

How to get to Tanzania  for Safari

You can reach Tanzania for your safari Tours in Tanzania through the local and international airports or roads. For Northern Tanzania safari best place can be accessible with flights ( Kilimanjaro, or Arusha, or Aman Dar airport).

Southern Tanzania Safari can be started in Dar es salaam to access the southern best and unpopulated Parks.

With huge Tanzania, the Best Safari National Parks traveling to African for your safari travel can be a once in a lifetime experience. It’s safe for Safari in Tanzania with your family/ group.

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