The Lemosho Route starts from the West at the Londorossi Gate at an altitude of 2,100 metres from sea level. The Lemosho route is an improved version of the old Shira route. It is considered to be one of the quieter routes of all the other Kilimanjaro routes. Though it is considered as one of the difficult routes, the additional day offered on the slopes of the mountain makes it one of the best routes for altitude acclimatization.

Lemosho Route has a success rate of almost 95% as it has a longer itinerary for Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and gives you more time to sleep on the lower elevations and spend more time on the mountains.

Why Lemosho Is The Best Route?

Lemosho Route is the best route recommended by most tour operators. As the Lemosho route offers an additional day for acclimatization and allows you to adjust the body to a higher temperature. It also gives you an option to sleep in the lower elevations and enjoy the mountain on the higher elevations. The best one to choose is Lemosho route 8 days climb.

You will also get an option to witness or spot the wildlife at the beginning while crossing the lush rainforest. As it starts from the western circuit it has the wildlife on this route.

How Hard Is Lemosho Route?

Lemosho Route is not hard compared to the other routes. However, it is a bit strenuous while climbing.  Route has a longer itinerary with, Lemosho route 7 days and Lemosho route 8 days trek. This will help you to get an additional day for acclimatization than the standard route days. You will be able to sleep on the low elevations and spend more time in the mountains. Spending more time on the mountain will make you get adjusted to the higher elevation altitude and you will be able to summit the Uhuru peak with a success rate ranging from 90% to 95%.

Different between 7 Days Vs  8 Days

One of the Kilimanjaro routes which offers the highest success rate ranging from 90% to 95%. However, the success rate depends according to the time taken to climb the route or the number of days for Climbing Kilimanjaro.

Lemosho Route 8 Days also gives you an additional day for acclimatization and helps your body to get adjusted to the higher elevation altitude level and you will not have any fear of altitude symptoms. However, as you are trying to attempt the summit on the 7th day, you may have a success rate of a bit less than 8 days which can range to 95%.

Lemosho Route 7 Days is the standard day for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro via the Lemosho route and you will not have any additional days in this. You may have symptoms of altitude sickness due to lack of acclimatization but you will be able to reach the peak with a 90% to 95% success rate.

How Long Is The Lemosho Route?

The route is approximately 70 km/ 40 miles long from gate to gate. Here is the day-wise breakup of the distance to route.

First Day Starting Point to Mti Mkubwa Camp. The distance travelled is 7 km.

Second Day 2  You will reach the western edge of the Shira plateau, the distance travelled here is 7kms

Third Day  You will be continued to the Shira Caldera and onto an off beaten path. The distance travelled is 7 km.

Fourth Day  You will sleep away and climb high today and the distance to be travelled is 10kms.

Five Day  Experience climbing the Baranco wall with a distance covering 4km.

Sixth Day  You will have a short and easy trek. The distance covered is 5km

Seventh Day  You will start at midnight with hot tea and biscuits as you will need to cover the distance of about 17 km.

Day 8: This is the final day on the mountain and you will need to travel 9km.

What Is The Success Rate Of The Lemosho Route?

Success Rate is around 95% to 97% success rate compared to the other Kilimanjaro routes. Due to its longer itinerary and longer days, climbers will have more time to sleep in the lower elevation and spend more time on the mountains. This makes you stay fit and climb the mountain with ease. This will make your climb to Kilimanjaro a successful summit and enjoy the beauty of the snow-capped mountain.

The highest success rate compared to the other routes in Mount Kilimanjaro. Hence, most proffered by most of the climbers.

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