Machame Route – the most Popular Route on Mount Kilimanjaro

The most popular route to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro these days is Machame route, and for good reason. This trail offers stunning views, a reasonable challenge, and plenty of time to acclimate, making it a good choice for those who have a bit of extra time in their schedule.

Machame route has been nicknamed the “Whiskey Route” because it is often perceived as being tougher than Marangu route, which is often referred to as the “Coca-Cola” route. Unlike that trail however, camping is allowed on Machame, which means trekkers will be sleeping in tents all the way to the summit.

Machame Route starts from the southern circuit of Mount Kilimanjaro which crosses the ice fields before you reach the summit. Locals and climbers call it the Whiskey route as it is comparatively strenuous than the Marangu route and also a bit more expensive.

Machame Route gives you an opportunity to sleep in the lower elevation and spend more time in the mountains. This will give you more chances for proper acclimatization which further leads to a successful summit to the roof of Africa. The Machame route has very beautiful scenic views and incredible landscapes for which it is more popular while Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

The route is a bit crowded but the scenery all the way along this Kilimanjaro Route will compromise the crowd. It also crosses the Shira plateau, the Lava Tower and the Barranco wall.


Machame route is the most popular route in Kilimanjaro and attracts a lot of new climbers towards it. The scenic view around the mountain is beautiful and gives one a chance to experience the best of what Kilimanjaro has to offer.

The incredible landscapes and panoramic views from the top and ice fields beneath the summit will make you choose the Machame route compared to other Kilimanjaro routes.

The Shira plateau, Lava tower and Barranco wall is the main attraction. Machame route has camp based accommodation with all the facilities in the campsites and you will be comfortable staying here.


Machame Route is comparatively easier than Lemosho and Northern circuit route. However, it is hard compared to the Marangu route. It has the name Whiskey route because it is more strenuous. The name whiskey route is given in reference to the Marangu route’s name Coca-cola.


Machame route also called the Whiskey route offers you different days of climbing opportunities. The longer your itinerary is, the longer the rate of success to the summit. The scenic view along the route gives you an opportunity to experience the best of Kilimanjaro. The main attractions of the route are the Shira plateau, Lava towers and Barranco wall.

Machame Route 6 Days is the standard time to climb the Kilimanjaro route, it gives you time to acclimatize and also allows you to sleep on the lower elevations and spend more time on the mountain. However, the Machame Route 7 days are the recommended route for Kilimanjaro Climb. It provides you an additional day for acclimatization and also gives you more time to sleep on the lower elevations and spend more time on the mountains.

Both Machame Route 6 days and Machame Route 7 Days follow the same path; It starts from the Machame gate and continues towards Machame camp, New Shira camp, Lava tower, Barranco wall, Karanga camp, Barafu camp and finally summit to the Uhuru peak. Once you summit the peak, you will be back to Mweka camp and the destination ends at the Mweka gate.


The total distance of Machame Route is approximately 63 km from gate to gate. Here you can find the Day-wise kilometre calculation from the gate to the top.

  • Day 1: From the Machame Gate, it is 11 km to the Machame Camp.
  • Day 2: It will be a hard day and you will walk for 5-6 hours travelling 5 km.
  • Day 3: Keeping drinking water to avoid dehydration as you will climb 10 km.
  • Day 4: You will climb from Baranco Camp to Karanga Camp which is 5 km.
  • Day 5: The steep trek through to the tents will take 4 km.
  • Day 6: This day you will walk 17 km. It is a long day but so rewarding.
  • Day 7: This is the final day on the mountain and you will need to travel 10 km.


Machame Route Success Ratehas a fair side in terms of ratings. However, it again depends on the number of days to trek to the peak. The Machame route 7 days gives you an 85% of success rate. However, when you choose the Machame route for 6 days it may drop to an 80% success rate.

The Machame Route 7 Days give you an additional day time for proper acclimatization and allows you to sleep more time on the lower elevation and spend more time on the mountain.

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6 Day Machame Route

Machame route on Kilimanjaro climb is approximately 31.6 km from Moshi to Machame gate. Its designed for physical fit people with
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The extra days can make a huge difference to the success rate as it improves acclimatization and allows you to