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Mahale Mountains National Park:

The remote and heavenly Mahale Mountains National Park is arranged 300 km down the eastern shores of Lake Tanganyika.  It’s home to the world’s biggest known populace of chimpanzees. The point of fact a standout amongst the most excellent national parks in Tanzania Safaris. Mahale Mountains National Park is just open through fly-in safari or private speedboat. Most visitors will see the chimpanzees at any rate once in a 3-multi day remain; be that as it may, sightings can’t generally be ensured.

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While chimps could be directly behind the camp one day, the following they could be high in the mountains. This is an exceptional scene whereby the rugged land is concealed in the rainforest directly until the point that the shoreline front. Facilities are situated on these isolated shorelines and are an unimportant strolling separation from the shoreline of Lake Tanganyika

Mahale Mountains

More than 60 chimps live in the Mahale Mountains and have moved toward becoming habituated to human nearness more than 2 years of contact. There is likewise the chance to watch leopard, bushbuck, shrubbery pig, and a large number of feathered creatures and butterflies. The woods itself is one of a kind in that it houses 8 different types of primate, shyer forest animals, birds, butterflies, mammoth vines, and cascades. There is the chance to investigate the unmistakable waters of Lake Tanganyika, which is said to contain around 1000 unique types of fish, including 250 types of cichlid (vivid tropical fish).

Best time to visit

The Mahale Mountains are accessible throughout the year, however, the best time to visit is during the dry season, July to October.  Also, the chances of spots the chimps are less.

What to see?

The Mahale Mountains is a world well known for its Chimpanzee. Aside from chimpanzees, you can see different animals, for example, leopards, hippos, crocodiles, monkeys, alongside woodland flying creatures at Mahale.

How to get there?

Mahale Mountains National Park is one of the remote national parks of Tanzania. However, it’s engaging perspective and encompassing with the chimpanzee makes it one celebrated traveler destination of Tanzania. Anyway, there no street routes accessible to the Mahale Mountains and the best way to visit it is through conduits or aviation routes.


You need to reach Kimoga first which is 130 km from Mahale from where you can take vessel ride to MV Liemba from where you need to reach Lagosa by watercraft, from where the park’s pontoon would take you inside the park.


You can take a planned departure from Kilimanjaro International Airport found in Arusha city, or Julius Nyerere International Airport to Kigoma Airport from where you can take a charter plane to the airstrip in Mahale.

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