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Rhino Lodge was formerly the home of Ngorongoro’s first conservator, Henry Fosbrooke, Assistant District Officer of the Loliondo district of the Maasai homeland. It is now an affordable accommodation for visitors to the Ngorongoro Crater on safari in Tanzania. It was Henry who first attracted popular attention to the area with his book “The Eighth Wonder” and began the movement that eventually led to the status of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Rhino Lodge is a delightfully simple

Budget-priced residential accommodation for a safari holiday in Africa It hides on the outer rim of the Ngorongoro caldera, the world’s largest collapsed volcano, which is home to over 30,000 wild animals. Half of these are great herds of bearded wildebeest and zebra, most of which remain year-round within the crater and do not join the Great Serengeti-Masai Mara Migration. Unpretentiously rustic, the lodge does not overlook the crater itself but enjoys glorious vistas of misty montane forest and distant Mount Oldeani.

The well-kept grounds are regularly visited by local wildlife.

Solitary elephants and Marabou Storks wander across the lawns by day. At night, lion roar and hyena giggles echo nearby. It is a convenient base for a tour in Tanzania with AfricanMecca. You can visit nearby Maasai villages or go for animal watching Ngorongoro Crater trips, where a unique biosphere supports a diverse population of herbivores and predators, including species such as the black rhino which are rarely seen elsewhere, as well as an eclectic treasury of hundreds of fascinating species of birds.

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Accommodation At Ngorongoro Rhino Lodge

There are 24 simple plain single, double, and triple rooms with double or bunk beds, each with an en-suite toilet, shower, and hand basin, and a private verandah. All rooms are clean, cozy, colorful, and uncluttered, with wood-burning stoves. Power and hot water are limited because Rhino Lodge operates a careful policy of sustainability to protect the fragile ecology of the conservation area, whilst offering comfortable lodgings for AfricanMecca guests who prefer cherished contact with staff and other guests on their travel in Africa, rather than isolation and pampering in more luxurious surroundings.

Charming with it legendary stay

From Rhino Lodge, you can arrange forest walks and trips to local villages, assured that when you return in the evening, your room will be warm with a welcoming glow from the stove, ready lit by the friendly staff to ward off the chill. Hot-water bottles are also available if required, since, at an altitude of over 7,000 feet, the crater rim is often cloud-covered, particularly during the long rainy season. Rhino Lodge supports the Ngorongoro Pastoral Council by employing staff from both the Maasai and Iraqw tribes. Maasai ladies visit daily to exhibit and sell their beautiful jewelry and to demonstrate how skillfully it is made. This in turn creates sustainability for Maasai women-led support initiatives allowing for relative independence and flexibility in their daily lives.

Rhino Lodge Room

With 24 comfortable ensuite rooms

Ngorongoro Rhino Lodge: A cozy living space, friendly local staff and delicious African-inspired meals, Rhino Lodge offers an affordable stay with panoramic views over the montane forest and distant Mount Oldeani. Guests regularly encounter wildlife such as elephant, buffalo and waterbuck at the lodge, which you can view from your room’s private deck.

Rhino Lodge Ngorongoro Crater Road

Rhino Lodge is also located in close proximity to the main entrance and road descending into the crater floor. When staying over, you will be able to enjoy an early breakfast with us to ensure that you can make the most of your time at the Crater.

Situated only a few hundred metres from the crater’s rim.  Rhino Lodge offers easy access to the main gate and road descending into the crater.

Stretching out in two L-shaped rows from the main area are 24 semi-detached rooms set around a central courtyard. Outside each room is a long wooden deck overlooking a stretch of high montane forest. Bright Maasai blankets add a splash of colour to the whitewashed walls.

Unpretentiously rustic, the lodge

Does not overlook the crater itself but enjoys glorious vistas of misty montane forest and distant Mount Oldeani. The well-kept grounds are regularly visited by local wildlife. Elephants, buffalo, waterbuck, zebra, hyena and Marabou storks sometimes wander across the lawns by day.

In the bar/dining-room, there are two large fires which are a natural focus where our guests like to meet and exchange stories of the day. Here you can enjoy our delicious African-inspired meals with your group. After dinner our Maasai staff may entertain you with some traditional dancing. The restaurant’s deck looks across the grassland towards the forest, also making it a superb spot for morning coffee. View our top safari updates contents with photos. 

Rhino lodge beds

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