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Set in Northern Tanzania just outside the bustling safari town of Arusha. Rivertrees looks out toward Mt Kilimanjaro and is perfectly situated for exploring the abundant nature reserves that this region. The inn is a charming country estate that was once an old coffee farm. Still retains the nostalgic air of a well-loved homestead. Sprawling ten acres of fertile greenery. Grounds are a natural extension of Mt Meru’s sloping foothills. Offer a sanctuary for the birds and wildlife indigenous to the area.

Elegantly rustic cottages are dotted along the river and in thickets of tall trees. While lush lawns and birdsong make for a peaceful and picturesque setting. Set in the heart of an area rich in nature reserves, montane forests. With vibrant village culture, the scope for exploration is endless.

The restaurant concocts tasty meals of garden-fresh ingredients and old family recipes. As well as oven-fired pizzas and the best of the region’s locally grown coffees. Delicious candle-lit dinners are served by the warmth of the fireplace. Under the stars and the watchful eyes of resident owls.


Rivertrees Country Inn combines unpretentious comfort with subtle accents of style. Create a timeless pause in a traveler’s journey and a sense of warmth and genuine welcome.

Because Rivertrees grew in stages, each cottage was designed with individual thought and care and furnished with unique attention. The inn’s design makes the most of the riverine nooks and bends. Clearings in leafy groves, to grant each dwelling its own sense of privacy and peace. The restaurant makes for a relaxing setting for a book and a coffee or a garden-fresh meal in the sunshine. Winding pathways weave a lazy loop through the spacious grounds. Reveal a sparkling swimming pool and a massage hut for those that enjoy surrendering to relaxation.

For the more active character, Rivertrees Country Inn also serves as the perfect launchpad for myriad adventures and explorations of its surrounds. Be it a night or a week, there is plenty to do, or if you prefer – nothing at all.

Rivertrees’ location makes it a good place to stay overnight at the beginning of the end of a safari, or to relax for a few days and enjoy the surrounding area. It’s a comfortable lodge and feels rather like visiting a homely country house for the weekend, in a calm and tranquil rural setting.

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