Sangaiwe Tented Lodge is located at one of the most beautiful spots of the Tarangire region, with an amazing view over the Tarangire Savannah. If you are lucky, you can spot elephants and other animals while hanging out in the lodge. But be aware – most animals love walking around in the early hours of the day before the sun gets hot. So if you really want to see them, you need to be a bit of an early bird!

The Tented Lodge is one of the finest upper mid-range tented lodges that is located in the Tarangire Area. To serve the Tarangire National Park. The tented lodge is a fine accommodation located near the newly opened Sangaiwe Gate to the Tarangire National Park.

Sangaiwe Tented Lodge Location

The Tented Lodge is beautifully situated on forty acres. Community land (bordering the Park), and from here you can enjoy stunning views of the Lake Burunge. Across the plains and the Escarpment of the Great Rift Valley beyond. The Tented Lodge is located on a beautiful wooded hillside with beautiful trees. Around the lodge including the local indigenous African hardwood trees.

The area at Sangaiwe Tented Lodge

The area is sparsely populated farmland where maize, sesame seed, and cotton are grown in the surrounding area.
Sangaiwe Tented Lodge in Tarangire boasts of great service. From the friendly staff and fresh food, most of which is locally sourced.

The rooms at Sangaiwe Tented Lodge are beautifully constructed canvass (walk in) tents. Which are set on raised wooden platforms with a solid bathroom (with overhead shower), toilet (flush toilets) and the dressing area.

Each of the spacious elevated tented rooms has either Double beds (1 Big bed) or Twin room (with two beds), a writing desk, and all have enough places for luggage and to cap it all; indoor and outdoor sitting.

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