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Safari in Tanzania in July

Tanzania in July | Tanzania safari in July: Cool, dry July marks the start of Tanzania Safaris peak travel season, with higher prices (and crowds) for safaris and lodges. It’s an optimal wildlife-watching month, with sparse vegetation and animals congregating at dwindling water sources.

Dry Season Wildlife Watching: As rivers and streams dry out, animals congregate around remaining water sources, and it’s common to see large herds of elephants and more. Katavi and Tarangire parks are particularly notable for their dry season wildlife watching in late July and August. There is a great myth that all the wildebeest “the migrating herds” move into Kenya. Many stay in and around Northern Tanzanian. The migration depends on the rainfall and availability of grass. There are about a million wildebeest Migration or more (couldn’t count the last 200,000) they are spread over a vast area-obvious.They all cant cross that river together. Some never do. Some might one year the next year they might stray as far an even the hills and woodland around Lobo.Interesting to see wildlife in natural habitant? See our top rate review here.

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