Safari in Tanzania in September:

Tanzania in September | Tanzania safari in September: The best mount of visiting Tanzanian for your wildlife safaris and mountain trekking.

September is a delightful month throughout the country, with pleasant temperatures, dry weather, good animal-spotting and many things to do.

The best time to visit Tanzania National Park is in the Dry season (from late June to October). This period offers the best wildlife viewing overall – with the wildebeest migration as its absolute highlight. Wildlife viewing is good throughout the year, although a certain destination is better at a specific period of time.

Climbing Kilimanjaro in September

From June, August, and  September is the best time for the Kilimanjaro climbing season. The weather is good with sky clear days and warmer than in June/July. Also, October through November, December, January to February are the best time to hiking Kilimanjaro.

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A free-standing and dormant volcano highest mountain Africa with nice scenic views during your trekking.

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