The Umbwe Route: Success Rate, Difficulty & Reviews

Umbwe route is one of the shortest routes to the Southern Glaciers and the Western Breach. It’s the most hardest and challenging route on Mount Kilimanjaro.  Approaching from the south, the Umbwe route is a short, steep and direct climb. It is probably the most scenic, non-technical route on Kilimanjaro.

The Route is the trail for trekkers looking for a true climbing challenge. It is a quiet, seldom used path that can be very difficult, yet very rewarding at the same time. This is the route to choose if you want to test yourself on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. From the crowds that are found on the more common trails.

While  route is a non-technical climb. Offer steep ascents and requires trekkers to scramble over rocks and tree roots at certain points. It is the hardest and most direct route up the mountain.  Features several exposed ridges that are not for the faint of heart.   It is best for experienced mountain trekkers who are looking for a challenge.

What is the success rate of the  Route?

 The success rate of the route is between 60% and 70%, with higher chances of reaching the summit if you give yourself extra time for acclimatization.

facts about the route

Difficulty: High

Distance: 53 km / 33 miles

Duration: 5-7 days

Success rate: Low

The Umbwe route is less scenic than the other Kilimanjaro routes because of how steeply and quickly it ascends the mountain. That said, the scenery it does have is very beautiful, and includes rainforest, moorland and high-altitude desert. Enjoy this 44.9-km point-to-point trail near Kibosho Magharibi, Kilimanjaro. Generally considered a challenging route, it takes an average of 39 h 46 min to complete.  Few mountain climbers choose this route as their summiting trail. Relatively, chances for summit success low.